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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dress and Bonnet With a Baby!

No sure these pictures where seen sorry about the repeat,
 because I tried to post them from my phone while I was gone
 and when I got home they showed up under the last post!
Posing for mom, her Aunt Bee made the bracelet!
dress was little big better than too small.

I could not straighten this picture out, shows back of bonnet. 

I took a 2 tucks in lower back to have fitted look.

I did add, "to my shame, store bought lace" I ran out of time!


  1. Boa noite minha amiga ,que bebê mais lindo e que delicadeza de vestido ,sem falar na toquinha muito fofa ,parabéns,bjs.

  2. Beautiful baby, beautifully dressed! Really something to be proud of.

  3. You you must be proud of this gorgeous dress, nothing to be ashamed of using some brought lace, the whole outfit is delightful, well done

  4. Bellissima cuffietta viene voglia di avere una bimba!

  5. Beautiful dress and bonnet. Don't be ashamed of using bought lace, there is only so many hours in the day :-) Such beautiful work and the baby is darling wearing them. Love, love!

  6. So beautiful :) and the baby looks like a little angel :)


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