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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Day Tatted Lace

 America's pilgrims set aside a day at the end of harvest to thank God for all they have, even in there struggles. We still celebrate this day calling it Thanksgiving Day!  

words in picture " When we give thanks in all things, we see hardships and adversities in the context of the purpose of life." by Dallin H Oaks.
After making the fall leaves from two different patterns, still deciding how to arrange them. All are size 40 lizbeth colors.
This little beauty is from "le blogde frivole"  fun a quick after you get hang of it. 

The larger maple leaf is from a book called "Celtic Tatting" leaves and flowers.

She does a wonderful job of explaining the twist and encourages you to experiment with making your own style for fun. After the first two I made one in about and hour and a half.

This one is a play one a little to bumpy hers looks better.

Idea of the size here.
This is another way to arrange, but I really plan on stitching the words in, I think :) I was also thinking of tatting more leaves and connecting them for a doily or bowl shape.


  1. che meraviglia Carollyn!! sei riuscita a comporre un bel quadretto con i colori autunnali...bravaaaaa

  2. Bardzo ładne liście i cudowne kolory nici. Podziwiam.

  3. Splendid Autumn leaves, I love the variety.

  4. Wonderful arrangement of leaves, love the colours and variety of patterns.
    Happy thanksgiving day

  5. Those leaves are stunning and what beautiful colours. Happy Thanksgiving Day

  6. Thank you, Carollyn, this is very beautiful!! Magic leaves in beautiful colors. they remind me how amazed i was when I saw the diversity of trees in the USA. Thank you for the wise words on the poem, I needed them,..

  7. Fabulous tatting, patterns & colours ! Autumn leaves are Always so vibrant.
    I like the first (top) arrangement of leaves - as if radiating from the quotation, although the bottom (framed) arrangement is probably more natural as strewn about in the ground.
    A real visual treat, Carollyn, & happy Thanksgiving :-)

  8. Thank you all, I had a wonderful day and enjoyed making this arrangement too I did not have time to make other maple leave patterns, but really wanted to, and even more colors like purple too! And now on to more Christmas things !

  9. Beautiful Fall leaves. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

  10. The leaves are so beautiful! This will be a great piece to have on a frame.


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