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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Love Potion # 9

This Pinterest Challenge was exactly that, harder to make than I thought, I had glue problems, It was a mess.
  On the up side, a printable picture for a focal point is great to have, and I cut this out from a free download click  Here Wings of Whimsy.

I finally cleaned this almost disaster with acetone, it removed the glue.

I stuck an  cheap earring in the top of the cork, with little bits of tatting and scrap booking and glue below.
This all looks pretty but what a mess :)
the white side was a scrap-booking sticker

Have a great day
Now lets peak in and see what Margaret and Suzanne see how they did for the month of October :)
Happy Halloween now for the song


  1. It looks like you had the time of your life......not, oh boy has this month challenge us, mine well you can read my headache, and Suzanne had just as much trouble with hers.
    Looks a great bottle love the colours and how it finished up.
    Well done

    1. Thanks but it is all a ruse, magic trick, really thought I would distract you all with something else :)

  2. oh wow I love it! we really have had a hard month haven't we but this is gorgeous and Margaret's work is beautiful too. mine on the other hand is rubbish! lol thank you soooo much for joining us Carollyn, It's a pleasure to have you in our group.

    1. I just checked yours out and I love it, it did not know you could emboss aluminium cans!


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