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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Dusting Of Snow


Another pattern click on purple letters Teri Dusenbury's "Snowburst"

This is a skeleton looking snowflake Click Here also by T.D.  


Directions found below for this beauty in size 80
This little flake I found on Anna's blog spot called "art-ceramika" and for directions that will lead you to pattern, click Here!
Hope you find one you like!


  1. I need to get back at it! They look great!

  2. Would you believe, All 3 are on my tatting list ?! Have to get around to actually tatting them, though ;-)
    Your's look lovely ! I can see your own pattern from last year, too. And what is that lovely Christmas-colour ornament peeping from the side ?
    Waiting to hear & see more :-)

    1. Ah you are observant, the flake to the side is actually one of Teri Ducenbery's I completely for got the close up on that one with the pattern too. I will put it on the next one. that red one does look Christmas like I will have to post that sometime. I didn't think to do that.


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