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Monday, February 19, 2018

Merimaid Milly Painting

I decided to tat in white, and paint the colors on, No matter way Jane's "Tat And See" was. I could use colors accordingly. 
Hopefully Janemactats doesn't mind me using the name Milly it is a cute name :)

I used size 10 thread for the hair

Start with acrylic paint and water down, this is very permanent 
I used to tie dye, it will not wash out.

I couldn't wait so blotted dry.  Some color bleeding when on, but not too bad  

I did both sides.

I actually made a mistake in the beginning of tatting her for I thought the shuttles that were already laced with thread were same size but one was 40 and the other was 20 but she seems okay especially to experiment on anyway!
I actually have more ideas for her will is if I get round to it.
Like that beautiful Clam shell that is a free pattern floating around in cyberspace.
Thank you Jane for the fun!
Have great week all.


  1. Olá amiga!
    Que linda pintura, ficou muito fofo.
    beijos fique com Deus.

    1. Thanks I never thought of it like a painting 😄

  2. Love, love, love your Milly. I’ve thought of using dyes after tatting but never done it. You’ve done a great job!

    1. Thanks, I guess with all your yarn you know how to dye better than me. And it is funny how i cam to the decision to do this.😄

  3. Good idea Carollyn! It's very quickly and funny to do it!
    The mermaid is very nice!
    have a good week

    1. Thanks I just struggled with the mystery part of the tatting and decided this way I could be in control more😄

  4. Sweet mermaid!!! :)
    At first I thought you had tatted two dolphin or such fish where you painted her tail. ;)

    1. I know what you mean it was kinda pretty when I did it so i left it and made sure I got it in the photo

  5. She is lovely, what a great idea.