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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Why Knot?

Another Spring doily with Renulek join the fun! The back ground is for you Knot Vortex I picked one of her threads for a pervious Spring doily :)

Ice Drop Madness, Omitting Josephine Knots
I had the thread on the shuttles with beads from another project and  thought why knot? :)
So I realized why I have not been doing drops more often?
And now I remembered it was because I bought a huge bag of the wrong size . So off to Hobby Lobby, again I go, and armed with the 40% off coupon on my app and got these gems instead.
This time it was fun taking my tatting with the almost finished product (like Jane at Janemactats blog suggested from  Nicola Bowersox's patterns)  to the store with me to see colors. 

So When reading over the basic pattern to make Hexie, I realized lacelovinlibrarian aka Diane, suggested that  if gem is too small you could put in hot water to snug it down, so I did and pinned it out.
Have a wonderful weekend, and more heart strings projects coming soon :)


  1. I love tat-alongs! I have the pattern, but haven't started yet. I'm behind on Jane's TIAS, and I haven't finished an Ice Drop in forever! (I think it's been two days.) I love your new beads and the colors you are using in all of your projects. Fun times!

    1. I don't think you should go very long without tatting your ice drops you could become ill and suffer from some kind of withdraw 😃

  2. Why knot indeed! Glad to see your spring start and ice drop. I like that beaded edge, might have to try that!

    1. Yea thank you💖 I also was using up thread on shuttles and barely had enough. had to switch them around just to finish I was worried from beginning and thought I could save thread using the beads

  3. Olá amiga!
    Trabalhinho está maravilhoso muito delicado.
    beijos fique com Deus.

  4. Beautiful start to your doily!! :)
    Awesome Ice Drop!!!! :)

  5. Have got the shuttles and thread out and its looking at me, just got to get started again. Your posts give me the inspiration I need.

    1. One more step thats all. Keep in mind on my 2nd baby sock now

  6. Oh Wow, that doily looks so different with the grey chains. I love it. Looks like you have made great starts to the new Renulek, what threads are you using. Nice ice drop and socks too.

  7. You are becoming an ice drop addict, lovely ice drop
    Your square have arrived and there's a picture on Facebook, mine appear to have sunk in the channel, I thought they would have arrived by now but so far no sign on her page.
    That's a good start to the new doily I have not made up my mind yet, I'm still on this polish thing which I have left to one side to do the squares, these tablets they have me on make me so tried I can hardly keep my eyes open .

    I have not forgotten it's in progress I have worked out something in those colours.

  8. Very nice Carollyn! I like the green one with the pearl inside!
    have a good week

  9. How tiny! I'm glad that the hot water worked to make the tatting fit the gem. Beautiful!