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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

"Garden of Versailles" from tatting lace Book called "Floriade"

This is what I have so far, the directions call for one shuttle and needle and thread (size 80).  I don't mind the needle and thread but found that long picots may better then tying a new thread on at this point, of the last round done.
Above is the close up where you can see he tied long threads and hopefully my long picots will work fine here we will see.
This doily has lots of small motifs and there for ends that need a secure finish.
(Oh yes I have all ready trimmed my mint back once already.)

this second round was done 3 times, as I realized where I need to make the long picots so less needle work.

This tiny round had plenty of tying time with needle and thread.

This, I think is Ben Fikkert's first Book, and where I found this present pattern.  The name of this book is called "Floriade"
Enjoy your weather and have a great Day!


  1. Sounds like hard work, but the effects are wonderful. Good if you can find easier ways to do the pattern.

  2. Olá amiga!
    Que trabalho lindo!
    Fica muito delicado.

  3. Looks an intricate pattern, I look forward to seeing more of this doily as you proceed, love the colour

  4. This time I like your backgrounds much better (wicked me!) ;-P And I admire your patience - this is intricate work !

    1. I understand, and that blue thing is a vase :)

  5. I love how the blue vase sets off the (unfinished) project. So beautiful!

  6. Bravo to you, I don't think I would ever try this pattern.

    1. The only reason I am trying it is cause it's not that big. So hope it works out😄


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