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Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day For the USA

Remembering those who have fallen in the service of there country
their country

This is a current flower for a tat along doily that I was told about even though I don't have Facebook.  These are little buggers. and even made a mistake but I covered it up with stamen and moving on cause there is 8 to make.
and I decided to choose size 80 but directions are for 20. 
It is doily #2 with Alenalea  
The colors are Lizbeth from Handy Hands and it is number 115 Springtime and center green is called Leafy Green


  1. Looks tricky, but I’m sure it’ll be worth the effort. Pretty colours.

  2. Olá amiga!
    Que flores lindas, gostei da combinação das cores.

  3. Bellissimi questi fiorellini colorati!

  4. buon giorno Madtatter80 complimenti per questi deliziosi fiorellini

  5. I live your flowers and the colour of your thread, but oh boy do I have trouble with them, they can be little b....., nearly done them all going to start tte doily on holiday.

    1. Yes they are taking longer than I thought but excited to start doily😃

  6. This is a very attractive flag photo, with your lovely tatted poppies. And I'm very well aware of your excellent calligraphy skills, as I also dabble in calligraphy. You also make those cute bunny shuttles. You have many talents! I can't believe the amount of tatting you have done, including many beautiful, large doilies. Your posts are always interesting and informative!

  7. I like the multi colors flowers. These are very nice! I like the red flowers too!
    Have a nice day


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