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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Can You Guess Which Pattern This Is?

You probably have made this cause this was on my tatting list for years.  I am out of town helping a with post surgery my daughter had and so tatting is slow going.
I used some favorite colors I used on a pervious doily size 80.  Long chains are flimsy till last round, it seems to lay down nicely, but I get anxious till I start The last round.  You can see difference, the tiny rings and chains added on the left of the motif and the twisted chains on the right. (At bottom)

Soooooo the pattern is from Be-stitched an can be found when you click on the word Be-stitched above.  It's call "pinwheel"


  1. Looks an interesting pattern, I’m sure it’ll work out perfectly. I hope your daughter makes a rapid recovery.

  2. Beautiful pattern and colors!
    I wish your daughter a speedy recovery.

  3. Really pretty tatting design and colors. Healing vibes to your daughter!


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