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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Preparing Preparing With Tatting Lace:)

For next round in spring doily

We are all waiting for next round of the spring doily :)
best time of year :)
Besides tatting I love to pin out and spray with water, it is very satisfying for me :)

 I am working on the vine for my little basket and decided to add leaves to the flowers so this can all be wrapped around the handle of the basket!

I love this shuttle my husband made out of wooly mammoth bone when he sands something it is as smooth as a baby's bottom :)

Have a great day and try to tat away!


  1. Love everything you've displayed here and can't wait to see what follows :-))))

  2. Your doily is so beautiful!!! :) Fabulous start to spring and a doily!! :)
    Very pretty leaves and flowers!! :)
    That is so great that you have a shuttle your husband has made!! :)

  3. I like so much this pink circle and I like too the cover for the handle. They are very nice!
    have a good day

  4. Pretty springdoily for so far.
    And a shuffle made of wooly mammoth bone... Wow! that 's an ancient one :) quite a handyman, your husband.

  5. OH, thank you, he found a place that sells little peices of the bone. It's not illegal because they are exstink just FYI.

  6. Beautiful doily! And also beautiful flowers and leaves!

  7. Yes, spring is lovely and we are blessed with a cute doily pattern each year :) Wow, that shuttle is really very smooth, it must have taken him a long time to sand it down.

    1. Thank you. Yes, he enjoys sanding like I enjoy tating 😃