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Friday, May 24, 2019

Spring Doily and Another Key

Well I finished night, I'm a day behind and this next round was posted yesterday, it's the same as the last I just have to choose colors and work again :) Renulek's Spring Doily 2019

I was working on a pattern that Margaret is designing for me for the Tat Days in Indiana.  And I messed up and decided to start over and instead of undoing it I just made up something that worked  out okay.  Margaret's is much better Wait till you see, she went all out!
That's next post! 
Below is a new bird house we put up for blue birds and the had children and moved out and now a set of swifts are checking it out.


  1. Love your Spring Doily!!! :)
    That key design is amazing!! :)

  2. I surely can't tell the key was messed up - you have 'rescued' the pattern Wonderfully and with a tiny crown to cap your effort !!! :-)))

    1. I think it does look like a crown and Margaret's is called the "The Taj Mahal" just wait then you will know what I'm talking about ☺️

  3. Good save on the key! I’ve made a start on the new round. I wonder if the swifts will move in. Handy for them that you’ve kindly provided a good spot!

    1. Yes this bird house has been a real chore to get the blue birds to settle in it had to be facing North and the poll to prevent animals from climbing because they like a shorter height. Once we got that all right they moved in but now the real estate just went up!

  4. Wow Carollyn, that work is always getting bigger!
    I love the key, and the bird house too. the blue Birds are so lovely.
    have a fun weekend


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