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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Waiting to Tat Lace :)

So what do you do while waiting for the next round to show up????
You tat something else, and my love for one shuttle tatting get satisfied.  Its so beautiful and just has a name of "The Tatted Doily" I've made this before.  Its just rings and size 80. but pattern suggest size 30.
It's for sale on Esty I just got it long ago but it is still there. It may be free at craft tree but not sure.    

Don't you just love a pile of lace :) The Lovely 2019 Spring doily is awaiting the next round :)

what fun I am having I love her tat a longs, Thanks Renulek!


  1. Wow, ethereal is the only word for that delicate lace. The tat along has been great fun. I do like your colours!

  2. Wow I had to look up that word and you make me want to cry so kind thank you. but to let you in on a little secret I wanted to change and uses your colors :)

  3. How pretty!. I love your work.
    A hug.

  4. Beautiful start on the blue doily!! :)
    Still loving your Spring Doily!!! :)

  5. Replies
    1. Ummmm....we are currently homeless, but surviving. We stayed in a camper we had rented, but it wasn't something we could handle(lots of problems for us), so we left and stayed in a hotel. Not sure what is next, but we are doing good today!!! :) Thank you so much for asking!!!

  6. That mignonette tatting in such fine thread is something I run from 😄 Your work is exquisite on both 💜💛💚💙

  7. Beautiful lace, delicate and light as a cloud 🌹🌹🌹

  8. That a nice way to describe it thank you 💐

  9. Beautiful and delicate, you have more patience than I do with such fine threads.
    Beautiful doily

  10. Wow, blue lace is so airy and beautiful!

  11. I love so much the blue work Carollyn! It's very simple but I like the pattern.

  12. Winderschön und so filigran gearbeitet. Grüsse Marlies


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