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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Tatting Lace With Others, Mysteries Uncovered

  At Tat days we were actually tatting along and everyone was given a new ball of thread.  A couple people commented that they tatted very tightly and then one of them broke her thread and we were saying "wow you weren't kidding".  Then she did it again and I said "maybe you are stressed out".  Then it happened again.  
I asked to see a length of thread and just tried to break it and with my hands and it did and then I took some of my own and tried it again, it didn't break as easily and we couldn't figure it out, even after a quick inspection of the thread.  We returned to Lisa Adams (The tatter's enabler, from The Tatting Cornor :) and after a small bit of time she returned and had counted the threads within the thread (which are supposed to be 6)  and there was the problem less cords on the thread, making it weak thread.  She replaced it and we tatted on.
 This little story will make you inspect your thread if you have this same problem.  Dry rot and fraying are other reasons but when tatting and breaking threads remember it may not be You!
Of course more keys to tat around.

Starting on an earring order.

Some more on this doily and blocked it a bit!

My dog with lace again 
remember, Tat the Day Away!


  1. That’s a very good point - we tend to blame ourselves when the fault could be in the thread. Lovely work, I especially like the dainty doily.

  2. Thanks I am still slow going but steady

  3. I have a ball of Lizbeth thread that kept breaking all the time so it just sits aside wondering it's fate.
    Love the key and earring, and my favorite is that blue very fine lacy doily!!!! :)

    1. The comment was placed after Bernice's so I'll say thanks to her now😅

  4. Good point, I usually just toss a bad ball of thread. I love all your tatting.

  5. Thank you I really am in love with the blue and struggling for time to tat too

  6. Love your tatting, the blue doily is very beautiful! Good to know, about the thread.

  7. Yes we must to watch very well the threads before use them, the oldest are no good! Very nice the new works, I like the blue doily and your doggy!

  8. Love your blue doily,
    I am glad you enjoyed your taat days and that your keys were a great success.

  9. Yes I did, and you were there I heart with your Taj Mahal key pattern. Thank you.

  10. Wahnsinn so schön und so filigran hast du wieder gewerkelt . Einfach zauberhaft. Liebe Grüsse Marlies


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