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Friday, November 22, 2019

Josephine's Christmas Tree 2nd Take

Working with Josephine knots and chains, size 50 thread for green and red tail of size 80.

The lovely star is size 80 gold thread.  A free pattern from Joelle 

Paulson called "Twinkle Twinkle"

Of course pinning out with a bit of hair spray this time seem to work fine. 
This one above was done in 2016 a bit larger.
Have a wo


  1. Lovely tree. It’s interesting how different the 2016 triangle is from the new one. Why is that?

    1. I wasn't completely happy with the first one and also was trying to go smaller to make a bookmark. And made chains shorter second time around. Also changing the middle made it have a small downwards slope to tree limbs. Which I like better. I could go on but will stop here🎄

    2. Thanks for the explanation. Yes, I like the new one better, so good job!

  2. Lovely !!! And the robin looks so cute! 🌲🐦🌲❄

  3. Thanks I do love that bird it's a free pattern also and posted it a while back but can't recall the designer now. It's fun cause they don't take much thread and it's great to clean off shuttles with too. 🐦

  4. Gorgeous tree like the idea of using it as a bookmark. do you have the pattern

  5. Not yet I'll write something quick😃

  6. Really beautiful this Christmas tree dear Carollyn!
    I wish you funny time for Christmas holiday


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