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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Tat's Amore

I love how this came out and the little satin bow pulls it all together 💐

Once again I am struggling posting the corect order but a good point for newbies is to remember to fold tatting so you can have access to picots.

And then I went and forgot to attach an important part so I just whipped stitched it together the same way I cover my ends, its pretty invisible.

I just love how Martha placed the victorian sets for the streight stem in the middle🥰

I did forget to take pictures of last pretty yellow flowers.  But hopefully you get the idea.
This pattern wasn't easy (partially because I chose size 80 thread) but taking breaks
Have fun tatting everyday if you can💐


  1. It's so beautiful and awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Beautiful! I'm trying to finish up projects I have around the house before starting something new, but the temptation to join in something new is so great!

    1. Yes, I get it, starting the year with a back logo is scarry. But it's fun that tatting can do this to us all

  3. Beautiful heart, I love this pattern but I am unable to get this book, so I will admire your gorgeous heart

  4. wow Carollyn that's a wonderful project! I love it!


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