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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Finger Tatting Lace to Next Round!

Round 4, 5, 6 called for cutting and tie off each row.
Save a long end tails (about 10 cm) when tieing  shuttles to start next row.
Did not tat them in and cover them up.

This pattern called for 8ds p 8ds all way around cut and tie, then start the next round same way,
so I shuttle tatted 8ds and then...
chain stitched the end tails to meet up with the shuttle stitches and make a false picot.

I was able to have enough to jump up to 3 more rounds.


  1. Carollyn, one of us will have to cross the atlantic, because i want to learn thid, but you will have to show it to me face to face. By the way, what is this movely turquoise yarn?

  2. I may have to post a short video on this, I found that if colors permit and you are moving up to next round you can kind of tat backwards towards the place where you would connect with the next round.
    My daughter who is 25 chose the color pattern and begged me to do this. There are some interesting things to come and I would not have normally chose this color scheme so will see what happens :}

  3. Is that different from a split chain?

  4. Yes, because it is a little easier to figure out, you don't have to use the crochet hook to make double stitches back wards you just tat the ends. As if you took the time to place shuttles on the ends that you tied the knots with.

  5. It's looking good, I am interested how you did this tatting with the ends.

  6. It all started with how, like many tatters I want to use up all the thread to the end of the shuttle and untie or unwrap and finger tat to use up that last little bit.
    Many times I have struggled with split chains and still use them but it is a struggle some days with getting the knack of it. well while playing around with tatting I purposely left the ends out and came around to other side and needed to move up around so the threads were laying there and I got and idea, cause I wanted to be lazy and it's only a couple of double stitches. And so this was born :)

  7. It's so intricate. It looks like a beautiful pendant or fashion accessory.

  8. Just wait it gets bigger :) but I do so like the little wavy things

  9. I'd love to see a video of how you do this. It's looking great!