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Friday, January 3, 2014

Tatted Lace Snowdrops

Finally got the flower top tatted very close to what I wanted!  Not happy with the body,
so I broke down and did the dreaded satin stitch that 
janemactats.blogspot. is doing on her blog.
Years ago I did tons of satin stitch, and thought I was a smarty pants.
It is different with the tatting thread because it doesn't puff out like embroidery floss does, well that my excuse any way.

The frame is done, and these two flowers are not keepers. Just failed attempts.
Will not be showing any more of this fabric card till it reaches the birthday girl, and her birthday is in middle of month
(in case she is watching).
I will be making a tatted body for all those who might want to know.
So My challenge I made up is really met.


  1. Maravilhoso trabalho ! Gosto muito ! Abraço carinho de Inêz Garcez

  2. I just put them together and it looks really cute.

  3. un lavoro bello ed interessante.........

  4. The frame looks lovely, and your snowdrop looks good, I will wait and see how it looks when you have put them together and finished the picture.

  5. The snowdrop is really sweet! You're making very good progress on your challenge. I look forward to seeing the card completed when the time is right. I think the idea of combining tatting and embroidery is a good one - don't give up on it!

    1. I really enjoy seeing your work, and you applying your tatting to many thing, Thank you!

  6. As ususal, carollyn, you made a very creative combination. i'd love to see the results!!

  7. Thanks to you all, I love to tat and feel lots of beautiful motifs are not really finished till it is incorporated on to something else to make a bigger picture. I love the way some of you sew it down to clothing and even the quilting it makes me happy to see it!

  8. I love the little snowdrop, I hadn't thought of combining embroidery with tatting. Oh no.... another thing on the list to try, I need to live to 100 to get it all done. lol

  9. Olá amiga!!!!!!!!!!!
    Que trabalhos ,mais lindos!
    Adorei seu cantinho.
    Beijos fique com Deus,e um 2014 abençoado pra você,e sua família.

  10. Thank you and best wishes for you new year too!