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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tatted Lace Picture Frame For January's Flower Snowdrop

Someone on another blog tried this thread, and yes it is too small, I read a tip somewhere that said to double the thread.
It was very easy to do because it is a slippery Rayon thread.

This is a size 40 next to dark green, and I feel doubling it makes it more like a size 80.  Next blog, I will pull out a shuttle with size 80, for sure!

Because of the small thread I use a simple rule all chains are 4 double stitches and all rings are 4 ds all with picots to separate. This is going well and I wish you could see how shiny it is :)
I am working on the creation of a tatted Snowdrop flower, this and the Carnation are (according to Google), Flowers for the month of January!
Which I feel would be another great challenge, to make each months flower in tatting!
The Snowdrop flower looks closely related to another of my favorites, Lilly of the Valley


  1. I think you have a challenge there, snowdrops and lily of the valley are my favourite flowers, I wonder when you get to July will you do larkspur?
    The frame is looking lovely, I brought some shiny very very shiny thread in yellow horrible totally horrible it was so shiny I gave up and put it in the draw never to be seen again.
    I look forward to seeing your monthly flowers

  2. This is very shiny and thin and just finished it, and was worried about hiding the threads, I bought a beading and embroidery needle and this worked well.
    I wonder if it was you that blogged about the thread? someone did and I can not remember who. I know one thing you have to double it, or it is just too small!

  3. What a great idea! I'll look forward to a flower of the month if you decide to do it. Does the rayon thread stretch? It does come in some beautiful colors, and I love the sheen!

  4. No it does not stretch, and there is never a knot where it is tied together or even a bump, if you make a mistake it unties quickly but be careful that your point has no burs on it, for it will pick little hair like things up causing a fuzzy effect but I it was okay to carry on. I looped the thread around this handle in one room and walked out 15 feet out put on shuttle and wrapped it till I got to the handle. with this pattern 12 inches and could go another 3 inches I think. I recommend but one spool to see how you feel! It is different than cotton but I loved the green color.

  5. Phew, you're brave, such fine thread and synthetic. I love your idea of monthly flowers.

  6. Yea I am going to give it a try!