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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

More Frivolite on Baby Dress

Don't want to tat more than needed ha ha!

Made collar first and then added tatting. 

Sorry can't seem to get pictures in order, next post will be bonnet, then the the complete on baby.
As tiny as it was, it still seemed to gobble the baby up!
I placed the tatting on after completing the sleeves.

Inserted lace down the front before sewing bodice, keeping size with pattern piece. 

Slip is made. French seems and hand stitched  rolled the underarms and neck
because fabric so light and gauze like.

Gold buttons down the back!

This is the dress in window that shows how thin the fabric is.  I had to buy lace for bottom edge, ran out of time!

This dress was in the makings in my mind before I knew how to tat lace, I saw one like it in a historical pioneer home.
 Wanted to make one for my baby, never felt confident to make it, and so first granddaughter got it!


  1. Absolutely beautiful! An heirloom piece. Thanks for showing us. I'm glad you were able to translate your idea into reality, well done!

  2. Absolutely stunning!!! :) What a treasure!!! :)

  3. Oh wat mooi! Wat een lief jurkje! Heel knap gemaaakt, iets om te bewaren.
    echt scitterend!

  4. Looks gorgeous. This is something that will be cherished for a lifetime!

  5. Oh wow that's the most beautiful baby's dress ever, all the hours of work you put into it, a real heirloom for the next generation

  6. What a gorgeous gown! You have done a lovely job with it. This is will surely be passed down over generations.

  7. It is a great feeling to finish something you have been planning for many years! Hope all your great-grandchildren will be christened it! It is very beautiful!

  8. Awesome work. Be proud of yourself.


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