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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Baby Bonnet, The Dress Isn't Complete Without it!

I did not take pictures of how this bonnet was made and have made 2 more since and I use a white new born fabric cap for size pattern to make up.
I used netting and little rings and chains and the one shuttle tatting to connect the back and front together!

At the time I made this pink bonnet I was making and selling shuttles and  the bonnet is made in 2 parts.  Shown on this pink cap separate, the side strip and the back.
It was so light she didn't mind it on and she was days old in this picture! 

The back is made first, so I get an idea of how long to make the strip, and how to match up picots when tatting it together!

The final ribbon that you cannot see (was placed under my husbands hand  on bottom of bonnet and 2 pieces of ribbon were sewn on between the side and back piece on each side) was attached in the back and tucked the bottom a bit to snug to fit head! 


  1. What a treasure!!! So elegant!!! :)
    And what an adorable bunny shuttle too!! :)

  2. That little cap is wold heritage! Your granddaughter is very sweet and beautiful. And, i am the proud owner of one of your bunny tatting shuttles.

  3. Oh, so precious a baby, and such a pretty bonnet!

  4. Oh my goodness, that's so lovely. Lucky baby to be wearing such elegance from day 1!

  5. Oh Carollyn, I am expecting my first grandchild. Is this you pattern? If not can you guide me to it. Lovin the bunny shuttle too. I wish you still made them :(
    Love the blessing dress also.

  6. Que trabalho mais lindo e tão rico em detalhes ,amei.


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