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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

1919 Delicate Snowflake

 Truly timeless, all the patterns from this book, found here click on name Tina Frauberger, "Schiffchenspitze" most tatters know about this, but if you haven't checked it out, it is so worth it.
In case you don't have the translate app for phone to translate print, I used 6 double stitches in all chains between picots and rings of 4 double stitches separated by 3 picots.   

Thanks to Georgia Seitz for placing it to download :)


  1. Really beautiful snowflake. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely snowflake !
    and beautiful tapestry (?) background .... could so easily be converted into a cross stitch pattern or a painting .

  3. Thank you all and muskann, I bought this fabric years ago it is cotton and I just love to look at it too, and that would make great cross stitch pattern

  4. Guten MOrgen
    Ohhh welche Arbeit ist da wieder. Einfach Athemberaubend schön . Diese Feinarbeit ist einfach nur wunderschön .
    Herzliche Grüsse Marlies

    1. Yes, it is back and should not be forgotten, wonderful pieces such great art! love this book :)

  5. Very pretty snowfke! I love to think that women in 1919 were doing the same thing as we are today: tatting snowflakesfor Christmas!


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