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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Snowflake and a Handout Card!

I really enjoyed this one but it took 3 tries!

Jan Stawasz mixed his two patterns up.
Inside rings are numbered wrong and outer chains too, if you try this do the numbers on the doily page for the snowflake.

I am having fun handing out my cute little cards for my friends that do not tat! I had them made for me by Sophie at
(click on) flutter2me on ETSY

she has even place a little crystal on each one 


  1. bello! ..sembra proprio un fiocco di neve.....brava

  2. Wunderschön ist diese Schneeflocke. Ganz iiebe Grüsse Marlies

  3. Such a pretty card! Must have been a pain to have a pattern with the numbers wrong. Well done for getting it finished, it was worth persisting with.

  4. Lovely snowflake, love your cards.
    What a pity the pattern was printed wrong, glad you were able to sort it out, which book was it and the page number pkease

  5. The snow flake is the tatting Theory (black book) page 77 the doily is in the red book page 63, you may have to try it your self to see. and look close a his picture of actual flake too.

  6. Beautiful snowflake!!! :)
    Sweet card!!

  7. Lovely snowflake, well engineered and super Butterflies!

  8. Beautiful snowflake! Thanks for letting us know about the error in the pattern. I love your butterfly cards!

  9. So beautifully tatted - such an elegant pattern :-))
    Love the butterfly :-)


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