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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Making Felt Veterans Day Poppy!

A Big thank you to all who serve past and present! In America we have Veterans Day and Memorial Day and This flower is now used for both days.

How to make another "Thank You Veterans Poppy"!

6 felt almost heart shapes (smaller) with black beads sewn on then blanket stitched together.

6 larger of same shape and pretty black button!

Put together like picture.

Gather a bit to give lifelike petals.

Add pin or use safety pin, this took 3 hours.  Tried to make it look like Brises koloruje found on flicker
I know no tatting:( does not happen to often.


  1. More robust than a paper flower, thanks for showing us how it was created.

  2. Nice ! Durable & Quick. In fact this can be a good activity for younger children, too, to bring out their creativity and symbolic significance of this flower.


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