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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tatted Lace Veterans Day Poppy Finished!

This Pattern is free on Muskaan's TIPS blog, and I love it!

I only changed two things, I just added a picot on top chain of petal, to add her roll tatting too (this part fun).  Petal little tricky but once I got it it took very little time to finish.  

I thought I would show construction pictures.

pulling the front center flower part through, and adding the greenery 

I flipped the extra thread and kept encapsulating back up.

Cut off ends and sewed the encapsulating thread into secure this one thread.
The second thing I did different was the buds were made with clunies instead

I loved making this and it was easier than thought, I will make more, thanks Muskaan :)


  1. Really beautiful poppy. Love how you finished off the ends to make the stem. I'll have to try that pattern. So many projects, so little time. ; )

  2. I know what you mean, I loved it when I first saw it and said it is on my list but just now got to it!

  3. Are you sure this is an easy pattern? I don't think so. But it is very beautiful and sofisticated. I love the green stuff! Thank you Muskaan and Caroline for your clear explanations. I may try it, later,....

  4. I will be making yours too, Yes it goes quickly once you get the split rings right in the petals, they are not that big are not that big and I did this in two evenings. this is the size of the little paper ones.

  5. Oh, Carollyn, what a pleasant pleasant surprise ! Thank you so much for making this - my very first original pattern tried !! And to such great effect !
    I LOVE your cluny buds !
    Clunies are something I could not learn this year - but on my to-learn priority for next year.
    And thanks for showing the construction pieces separately as well.
    My pattern explanation runs longer than the actual time it takes for tatting it ;-P

  6. Oh You are welcome, and I did think it would take longer till I tried it I love how sturdy this flower is and perfect for the lapel. Long explanations are okay some of us have not tried things you have in this patterns and it is great to learn. I love clunies and have a different way of doing them I posted a video on You Tube I am "madtatter80" and look at my demo under cluny tatting I have dragonflies in the video and it is a bit long but you can fast forward it :) I think I made them a bit easier to do let me know what you think :)

  7. Gorgeous poppy I think I must try this pattern, your variation is beautiful

  8. My third attempt at commenting, hope it works this time! Splendid poppy, really good use of roll tatting. I mean to try roll tatting but it seems a little daunting. I don't always see the point of it, but here it gives a lovely crisp outline to the petals.

  9. Thank you I just finished another style of poppy and will post that soon!


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